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Horn Lines, The Signature Sound of Today’s Pop Hits?

I have a casual fascination with pop music trends, those tweaks to the pop formulas that work fantastically for some period of time before pop slides into the next hip set of sounds. It’s interesting to me when some trend is distinct yet ubiquitous—it’s often a sign that the sound won’t be popular very long. For a moment the top hits will display the fad, then everyone will mimic the sound. But trends shift, and distinct trends can quickly sound “so last year.”

sax player

Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop,” with its prominent saxophone sounds, started drawing attention in late 2012 then exploded on the charts in early 2013. Over the past year Jason Derulo had hits with “Talk Dirty,” “Trumpets,” and most recently “Wiggle.” All three songs have wind or brass instrument sounds carrying strong melodies during the chorus. Continue reading