Mopey Musings on My Dead Father’s Birthday

My father would have been 76 today, except that he died two years and one day ago. Being from Philadelphia, silly as it is, I would have celebrated his 76th as an extra-special birthday.

Mourning and grief are reasonable. Mourning and grief are irrational. I make decisions to feel and behave a certain way, but I still find tears in my eyes during Johnny Cash songs in the car. We would sing along to a Greatest Hits cassette in the kitchen when I was a kid. Why didn’t I ever accept his invitations to go to Chi-Chi’s for karaoke? Continue reading “Mopey Musings on My Dead Father’s Birthday”

Seventh Grade English Writing Assignment: “English: Descriptive Language”

Here’s another elementary school assignment I typed up. In this one, I had to try to cram in examples of descriptive language and identify them for the teacher. Blah. I left my old notes in. I’m pretty sure from the language used that I didn’t take the assignment too seriously—and after reading the teacher’s notes, it looks like I didn’t follow the directions too closely, either.

I left in any grammar and spelling mistakes I may have made. I’m pretty sure I had trouble keeping the tense consistent at that time. It’s all over the place! Continue reading “Seventh Grade English Writing Assignment: “English: Descriptive Language””

I Had Minor Surgery on My Leg Today

The procedure is called varicose vein ablation, or “VNUS Closure™.” I have a family history of blood clots, which I’ve been taking into account in recent health decisions (avoiding hormonal birth control, exercising more to increase cardiovascular health, etc.). The pulmonary embolism my mom suffered a few months ago spurred me to check out treatment options for the varicose vein I’ve had on my right leg since I was 19. (Retail. Long shifts standing in one place.)

I’m throwing this post up quickly; just wanted to keep my family and some others in the loop. Pictures after the jump. Note: Don’t look if you’re squeamish. Continue reading “I Had Minor Surgery on My Leg Today”

Dear Morgan Freeman-loving Atheists: Race Blindness Doesn’t Solve the Race Problem

This post sat in my Drafts folder for more than a year ‘cuz I’m a chicken who generally prefers to avoid spending time in internet debates on contentious topics. But now I’m trying to clean up my Drafts folders, so here it is.

A couple days before Martin Luther King Jr. day, a skeptic friend of mine posted this on Facebook:

Morgan Freeman solves the race problem.

Continue reading “Dear Morgan Freeman-loving Atheists: Race Blindness Doesn’t Solve the Race Problem”

Grade School Story: “The Boy that Santa Forgot”

I found copies of the story below when I was cleaning out my dad’s house last year. (Describing him as a “hoarder” is understatement.) I think I wrote it in sixth grade or so.

Escalade Power Wheels
“They see us rollin’. They hatin’.”

My family was relatively poor when I was a kid—welfare, food stamps, hand-me-down clothing, and chewed-up or broken toys from the Salvation Army were the norm. That wasn’t unusual in my neighborhood. But I was painfully aware from the commercials on TV and the stories from classmates that this was not how some kids lived, and I was envious. So, so envious. I dreamt of unwrapping the most incredible gifts on Christmas morning: remote-controlled cars, Rubik’s Cubes, Easy Bake Ovens, cameras, Lego space sets, Power Wheels…Omg, Power Wheels! I’d be the most stuntin’ Power Wheels driver EVER. I’d win Power Wheels competitions! Everyone would admire my amazing Power Wheels skills. If only I had a Power Wheels truck, I knew my life would be THE BEST. Such were my covetous Walter Mitty dreams. Continue reading “Grade School Story: “The Boy that Santa Forgot””

The Cheesesteak Diaries, Chapter 2: Elmwood Taco & Subs, Buffalo, NY

It’s been a while since I felt compelled to try getting a good cheesesteak in the Buffalo area, but after jonesing hard for a tasty sandwich this week, it was time to make another attempt. A coworker today suggested I try the sandwiches at Elmwood Taco & Subs, just a few minutes from my apartment, so I stopped by on the way home from work tonight.

What a mistake that was. Let’s start at the beginning. Continue reading “The Cheesesteak Diaries, Chapter 2: Elmwood Taco & Subs, Buffalo, NY”

Different, Yet Still the Same: My Fourth Grade English Writing Assignments

I created this blog a year ago (September 11, 2011) partly because I wanted a casual environment to practice writing in. Since last year, I’ve written twelve posts here, seven on Skepchick, and one for the CFI On Campus blog—the most I’d ever blogged, I guess, but I need to write more often.

While unpacking old boxes in my apartment last weekend, I came across my English “Morning Work” notebook from fourth grade. Interesting coincidence: the first assignment in there was written on September 11, 1989, exactly 22 years from the very day this blog was founded last year. Whoa, right? Continue reading “Different, Yet Still the Same: My Fourth Grade English Writing Assignments”

Portraits in Chalk at a Karaoke Bar: CFI Interns Stef and Tony

A couple weeks ago I took the two CFI summer interns, Stef and Tony, to the classic Buffalo bar Klub Karaoke.  (Wow, that site is dated.) We had an hour to kill before Stef had to go to the bus station; a karaoke dive bar seemed like a “FUN!!” way to pass the time.

The website mentions that there’s a “69 foot” (*snicker*) chalkboard bar—with free chalk!—which is a little strange but can indeed be FUN!!1!OMGZ. The music was too loud for casual chatting, so at some point I grabbed a piece of chalk and whipped up these two quick-and-terrible portraits of the interns: Continue reading “Portraits in Chalk at a Karaoke Bar: CFI Interns Stef and Tony”