Hello! My name is Debbie Goddard. I grew up in Philadelphia but now live in Buffalo, NY. I moved there to take an amazing job in the Outreach department at the Center for Inquiry. It’s a fulfilling occupation that keeps me busy!

When I have time for hobbies, I like to play guitar, play volleyball, hike, bake fun desserts, and draw superheroes, especially ones from Marvel comics—well, I generally just copy panels from pages of comics I like as drawing practice.

I asked myself these questions as I create this About page on this new website: Why is this here? What am I doing? Do I really think I have time to blog, when I’m not even blogging where I’m supposed to be blogging?

I guess this is here for a few reasons. First, not everything I might want to write about would be suitable for Free ThinkingThe Course of Reason, or Skepchick. I might talk about hiking, musicals, food, movies, sex and gender, and other subjects. I don’t write enough for myself to know yet what I might want to write about.

Second, in case it wasn’t already obvious, I don’t write enough. I need writing practice! Blogging formally in one of the aforementioned venues is a little nervousifying. It makes me make up words and worry that I’m going to be judged by the very-intelligent audiences who participate in those blogs. So this blog will also function as my sandbox, my practice space, to create posts that don’t take me two hours to edit into something that won’t be criticized by people I respect and admire. At least, that’s the hope.

Third, I didn’t understand how websites work, so I wanted to create one. There are words like “nameservers” and “DNS” and other terms that people bandy about that I didn’t understand. Additionally, I registered some domains years ago but hadn’t done anything with them. What better way to learn how the back-end works than to try my hand at making a website or three?

Fourth, I thought a blog that wasn’t related to my work life might be a fun place to share stuff with friends, even if only two people ever look at it.

Goddard family, 1984
I’m rockin’ the sweater vest. My style hasn’t changed much.

If you’re looking for my professional site, please go to debbiegoddard.com.